Career In Real Estate

Why you should NOT become a real estate agent!

One of the easiest conversation starters is asking people what they do for work.  You are hoping they will tell you they do something you personally find interesting like being an on-sight photographer for National Geographic.  However, usually is something I don't understand and on the surface sounds a bit mundane.

When people discover that I am a Realtor, I receive a few responses such as, "Wow, this must be a great market to be in!"  The number one question is, "So, how is the market."  It is VERY COMMON for a person to reply, "You know, I have always been told I should be a Realtor."  The tell-all is the next comment, "I mean, I love looking at houses and I like people."

When I say tell-all, I am not saying that one shouldn't consider real estate if that is their only two motives.  If you don't love houses or people it could be a terrible profession for you!  I am conveying that this formula alone will not sustain you if you are looking to make real estate a career. 

So many people see real estate as an opportunity to make easy money, have a flexible schedule and get to look at homes all day.  I can tell you that after 12 years of full-time experience, I would never call this an easy job that provides a flexible schedule.  In fact, working only 40 hours within a 5 day work week would be amazing.  It is usually closer to 7 days and working around 80 hours. As for easy, this job will break you.  

No one prepares you for being a marketing director, psychologist, taxi-cab driver and staging consultant, burying signs in the heat, always on call, and being paid commission only with more expenses than you ever expected to pay whether you are selling homes or not.  Did I mention that you have to pay for your own healthcare and file your own taxes?